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About Broo Coffee Crafters

Welcome to Broo Coffee Crafters. Broo is a mobile, fine coffee and tea service, that works tirelessly to come up with new and exciting ways to make every cup more exciting than the last. Long time friends and colleagues, Or and Ogy, found “Broo” to showcase coffee and tea in new and exciting ways. Utilizing the best raw ingredients available, we are always searching for new and memorable ways to presents coffee and tea in a different way. Ogy and Or have been working in the food and service industry for many years and developed a passion for putting together creative ideas and bringing them forward in the best way. We are excited to show you what we have, give us a call and we will broo something you love.

A Word From The Founders


Ogy Hristov

Ogy had dreams of becoming a professional athlete, but after a few serious injuries that was no longer an option. He shifted his focus to hospitality and went to school for Tourism Management.  Ogy has held a job at every position of the hospitality industry from dishwasher to front of the house Manager.  Ogy has worked with many different types of restaurants, as well as on a Carnival Cruise Ship.  Ogy has been a manager at a Cafe in Los Angeles for about four years, studying the art of coffee daily.

Or Adam Peleg

At a young age, Or wanted to pursue his dreams of becoming a lawyer so he got a job at a cafe after school to pay for college. After a couple months, he realized he didn’t want to spend his life in a courtroom, instead he wanted to learn more about the hospitality industry.  He became a bar manager at age 19, where he met his future business partner, Ogy.  After moving to New York, managing a bar at one of the best bakeries in Manhattan and studying the craft of coffee from the roasting to brewing processes his future changed and his passion for the food and beverage industry grew.